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Only search this website. Correct ITEM # or Terms be used for exact match results
Only search this website. Correct ITEM # or Terms be used for exact match results

NOTICE: CHANGE OF NUMBERS         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -                 January 16, 2019


We have changed our phone and fax number.   
New Phone: (323) 510-8487
New Fax: (323) 510-8489

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Wholesale Beauty
Strip Eyelashes(Pack of 100)
Strip Eyelashes(Pack of 24)
Strip Eyelashes(Pack of 12)
Strip Eyelashes(Pack of 6)
Strip Eyelashes-Brown(Pack of 100)
Strip Eyelashes-Brown(Pack of 12)
Strip Eyelashes(with Plastic Case)
Strip Eyelashes(CREME)
Strip Eyelashes(miss Adoro)
Strip Eyelashes(Synthetic)
Strip Eyelashes(Color)
Strip Eyelashes(Glamorous)
Strip Eyelashes(Glowing)
Strip Eyelashes(Polished Tip)
Individual Eyelashes(Pack of 100)
Individual Eyelashes(Pack of 24)
Individual Eyelashes(Pack of 12)
Individual Eyelashes-Color(Pack of 100)
Individual Eyelashes-Color(Pack of 12)
Individual Eyelashes (with Plastic Case)
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions(Mink Fur)
Eyelashes(Table Top Displays)
Eyelash Cases
Eyelash Glue · Remover
Eyebrow · Moustaches · Chest Hair · Sideburn
Eyelid Hair Body Jewels
Miscellaneous Items
Wholesale Fashion Accessories
Bra Straps
Cell Phone Charms
Earrings(Pearl Stud)
Earrings(Cube Stud)
Earrings(Lever Back)
Earrings(Sterling Silver)
Pill · Jewel Boxes · Compact Mirrors
Purses(Evening Bags)
Rings(Rondelle Rings)
Toe Rings
Wholesale Hair
Alligator Clips
Bobby Pins
Bridal Hair Combs
Hair Claws
Hair Claws(Mini)
Hair Clips
Hair Combs
Hair Forks
Hair Sticks
Pony O's Ponytails
Miscellaneous Items
Pet Supplies(Pet Bows)
Clearance Sales
Bags & Wallets
Cell phone Antenna Rings
Cell Phone Initial Charms
Fashion Accessories
General Merchandise
Hair Accessories
Pet Jewelry
Sample Sales

For your reference, there is no shopping cart function enabled on our website. We use our website as a catalog only.

Minimum Order: 
  *US Domestic Orders: $100
  *CANADA, Caribbean Islands: $200
  *International Orders: $400
(1st order must be greater than or equal to the minimum order amount mentioned above.  This is a one time minimum order requirement.  There is no minimum order requirement for returning customer.)

We will never ship you anything different than exactly what you ordered without your permission.  Please read carefully all the information on this web page before ordering. Placing an order signifies you have read and agree to our policies.

If you pay your order by credit card, you must submit the payment information thru fax transmittal. 
If you're unable to fax the payment information, send us a cloae scanned image file at 
All orders paid by credit card have to be shipped to the billing address where your Credit Card Statement is sent for your own protection. We do bank and address verification. Please make sure that your credit card company has this billing address on record as an authorized billing address. It will let us serve you faster.

Order Support and Product Questions (323) 510-8487  (323) 510-8489
Order/Customer Service

Register your business information online register online

Place your order online or by fax or phone or via email

Upon receipt of your order, we'll send you the status of your order via email or will contact you on the phone

Once we charged or received payment, your order will be shipped out within 1 to 2 business days, depending on item # & quantity

Once your order has been shipped, freight forwarder will notify you via email

USA Domestic Orders Only,  Domestic Orders are package transmitted within, between the U.S.A excluding its territories and possessions(except Puerto Rico).

International Orders are package addressed to foreign countries.

Customers who already have purchased merchandise with us and have a Customer ID.

Fax  (323) 510-8489. 
Please print or type in black ink and write down all required information clearly in order to avoid the delay. 
Order form.  
Order form. This form will be provided soon.
Order form.

Order by phone (323) 510-8487

Email .
Please write customer ID if you have one, Your name, Phone #, Item #, Quantity, Payment type(VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER or COD), and Shipping service level (UPS GROUND, or 3 DAY etc.) on the email. Following payment information must be submitted separately thru fax transmittal if you pay your order by credit card.
Credit card #, Expiration date, Name of Credit card holder, Billing address, your signature.
Fax  (323) 510-8489
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